need these embroidered frames omg. 

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Loving this box view of the Nets vs Bulls #basketball game! Slightly sad to have missed the fireworks though! (at Barclays Center)

slicing and dicing shifts everything. a good reminder about perspective and context.

by Rashid Rana

i’m actually sort of stoked about the irreversible destruction of net neutrality because it means the internet is probably going to look a lot like it did in 1996 when nana and pep pep were confined to AOL frontpage + chatrooms, and only really horrible nerd children like yours truly could…


There’s blood everywhere if you think about. 

omg true

Famous actors are in the curious position of maintaining a sense of self in their personal lives (to stay sane) while simultaneously trying to eradicate the “self” from their work, all the while being unable to so much as go to the grocery store without someone taking their photograph. Shit, man. Imagine going through life with everyone staring at you, taking your picture at the gas station, strangers approaching you who know everything about you, people who want to be your friend just so they can use who you are to advance their own lives. Perhaps Shia’s outburst is just him trying to reclaim some sense of self, of who “he” is, rather than the public persona, to stay sane. Whatever the hell Shia is going for (or going through), he’s making a remarkable amount of people question what fame is and what it does to people. Franco throwing his metaphorical hat into the metaphorical ring helps LaBeouf’s (apparent) cause hugely.

Actors have opinions and emotions about their jobs, just like the rest of us, and sometimes people are simply frustrated with their jobs. It isn’t your right to tell them to shut up and be who you want them to be. You wouldn’t do that to your barista, now, would you?…..
astronomers just looked in the heart of a dying star for the first time, and they discovered this. (more about what they found)

astronomers just looked in the heart of a dying star for the first time, and they discovered this. (more about what they found)

When the #snow reaches tiny Nixon’s waist we’ll know that it’s getting serious. // (at Safari Disco Club)

The 7th Annual Crunchies!



Best Technology Achievement
Apple A7 Processor (Related Posts)
Bitcoin (Related Posts)
node.js (Related Posts)
Planet Labs low-cost satellites (Related Posts)
Project Loon (Related Posts)

Best Collaborative Consumption Service
Airbnb (Related Posts)
Crowdtilt (Related Posts)
DogVacay (Related Posts)
Homejoy (Related Posts)
Lyft (Related Posts)

Best E-Commerce Application
BarkBox (Related Posts)
Good Eggs (Related Posts)
Polyvore (Related Posts)
Warby Parker (Related Posts)
Wanelo (Related Posts)

Best Mobile Application
Mailbox (Related Posts)
Snapchat (Related Posts)
Tinder (Related Posts)
WhatsApp (Related Posts)

Fastest Rising Startup
Lulu (Related Posts)
QuizUp (Related Posts)
Tinder (Related Posts)
Upworthy (Related Posts)
Whisper (Related Posts)

Best Health Startup
Fitbit (Related Posts)
MyFitnessPal (Related Posts)
One Medical Group (Related Posts)
Oscar (Related Posts)
Practice Fusion (Related Posts)

Best Design
Exposure by Elepath
Nest Protect (Related Posts)
Pencil by FiftyThree (Related Posts)
Hi (Related Posts)
Yahoo Weather (Related Posts)

Best Bootstrapped Startup
Imgur (Related Posts)
NerdWallet (Related Posts)
SmugMug (Related Posts)

Sexiest Enterprise Startup
Box (Related Posts)
ClearSlide (Related Posts)
New Relic (Related Posts)
Optimizely (Related Posts)
Zendesk (Related Posts)

Best International Startup
BlaBlaCar (Related Posts)
Huddle (Related Posts)
Supercell (Related Posts)
Waze (Related Posts)
Xiaomi (Related Posts)

Best Education Startup (Related Posts)
CreativeLIVE (Related Posts)
Duolingo (Related Posts)
Khan Academy (Related Posts)
Treehouse (Related Posts)

Best Hardware Startup
3D Robotics (Related Posts)
Oculus VR (Related Posts)
SmartThings (Related Posts)
Sonos (Related Posts)
Square (Related Posts)

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
Candy Crush Saga (Related Posts)
Netflix (Related Posts)
Tinder (Related Posts)
Vibease (Related Posts)
Vine (Related Posts)

Biggest Social Impact (Related Posts)
Crowdtilt (Related Posts)
Edward Snowden’s NSA Revelations (Related Posts)
StopWatching.Us (Related Posts)
Watsi (Related Posts)

Angel of the Year
Steve Anderson (Related Posts)
Michael Dearing (Related Posts)
Keith Rabois (Related Posts)
Babak Nivi & Naval Ravikant (Related Posts)
Chris Sacca (Related Posts)

VC of the Year
Peter Fenton (Benchmark) (Related Posts)
Jim Goetz (Sequoia Capital) (Related Posts)
Reid Hoffman (Greylock Partners) (Related Posts)
Bill Maris (Google Ventures) (Related Posts)
Bijan Sabet (Spark Capital) (Related Posts)

Founder of the Year
Arash Ferdowsi & Drew Houston (Dropbox) (Related Posts)
David Karp (Tumblr) (Related Posts)
Aaron Levie (Box) (Related Posts)
Lee Holloway ,
 Matthew Prince & Michelle Zatlyn (CloudFlare) (Related Posts)
Deena Varshavskaya (Wanelo) (Related Posts)

CEO of the Year
Jeff Bezos (Amazon) (Related Posts)
Dick Costolo (Twitter) (Related Posts)
Travis Kalanick (Uber) (Related Posts)
Marissa Mayer (Yahoo!) (Related Posts)
Elon Musk (Tesla Motors & SpaceX) (Related Posts)

Best New Startup of 2013
Anki (Related Posts)
Coinbase (Related Posts)
Glow (Related Posts)
Tinder (Related Posts)
Whisper (Related Posts)

Best Overall Startup of 2013
CloudFlare (Related Posts)
Kickstarter (Related Posts)
Snapchat (Related Posts)
Twitter (Related Posts)
Uber (Related Posts)

// So many deserving nominees! it’s hard to know who has it in the bag. Let the Geek Oscars commence! 

Guesses anyone? REALLY hope that our friends at Duolingo sweep here! Dying to see either way! Any predictions?

Today my startup failed


No soft landing, no happy ending—we simply failed.

It’s been a long four year journey, full of highs and lows. I am simultaneously incredibly proud, and incredibly disappointed.

I’m incredibly proud of an amazing team and all that they have accomplished. Our most recent product,

my heart. this really makes it beat faster. 


While snooping around the @wedgies twitter feed last night I came across one of my favorite customer service moments in recent memory.
A friend of mine Vic Mahillon, was riding in a Sidecar in San Francisco and apparently had an odiferous moment with his driver, and tweeted:
My @sidecar driver DEFINiTELY just farted and there’s only 2 of us here— Vic Mahillon (@mahillon) January 10, 2014
I was already laughing at Vic’s tweet, but quickly saw that wasn’t the end. The official Sidecar account chimed in with quick wit and a coupon for a free ride:
@mahillon I don’t even know what to say. Can I offer you credit to make up for a fart?! … I think I just did.— Sidecar (@Sidecar) January 10, 2014
This kind of proactive customer service turned a joke and a so-so ride into a fun story and a more enjoyable customer experience. Do you like how @Sidecar handled this ride? Vote on our poll!
CB3 to Hear Petition to Co-name Ludlow and Rivington ‘Beastie Boys Square’

No sleep till … LeRoy McCarthy realizes his dream of co-naming the corner of Ludlow and Rivington Beastie Boys Square. Of course, 99 Rivington, currently home of Wolfnights, was the cover image for the Paul’s Boutique record. The grassroots push to rebrand this nook of Hell Square began a couple months ago with a door-to-door […]



sometimes it’s hard to pick!



sometimes it’s hard to pick!

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